THE GUESTHOUSE – Thanks Amsterdam for this greatly creative day!

  • 12. April 2019

For the launch event of the Nike Air Max Light x atmos we transferred our Amsterdam pop up to a traditional Japanese guesthouse into which we invited nobody else than atmos’ creative director Hirofumi ‚Kuji‘ Kojima all the way from Japan. Together with him, we welcomed our 12 local air heroes to our Air Max2 Light–themed DIY-style workshop space portraying the 90s aesthetic of the upcoming model. 

Never spotted so much colorfol heat around! After each of our local heads got welcomed with their new kicks, our photographers made sure to shoot them individually in the vicinity of our pop up. Having decided on each his favorite shot and thanks to the fastest close-by printing shop ever, the group started  working on their own collages. Even Koji, who actually just popped by to say hi, didn’t mind to step out for a quick and spontaneous shooting so he could also work on his own interpretation of the art work.

During a quick break that we needed to get our guesthouse settled for dinner, we took our creative gang to our solebox lab store, which was actually just around the corner. Being welcomed back by the most amazing and authentic dinner set up, we continued our night with chef and sneakerhead’s Jaimie van Heije’s Dutch/Asian fusion cuisine that made everyone’s mouth water.

Next up was the Q&A session hosted by local voice Valerio Zeno, who got Koji explaining about atmos’ ongoing involvement with Nike and the evolution of the partnership ever since the game-changing „Safari“ collaboration in 2003. Koji further dropped some insights on where he took his inspiration for the Air Max2 Light collaboration from even showing us his very first drafts of the model (which however didn’t end up at the shelves but have been quite nice though!) With help of Asako – his English translator – he didn’t even resist on further responding to several questions coming from the community. 

Amazed by so many newly gained insights, we opened our guesthouse to public right after. While having a bunch of Asahi beers, funny Japanese softs and snacks together, air lovers from Amsterdam and around jumped into talks creating some stunningly good vibe in our GUESTOUSE. Koji didn’t feel like leaving but stayed with us to take some pictures and sign some OG Elephants and prints the crowd brought along.

Reviewing this day, we’d like to madly thank our twelve attendees @shoenica, @mikee_polo, @kamil_bozak, @tommy_triggah, @ginneynoa, @masha_medua, @deadstocksnkrblog, @girlonkicks, @inickolas, @careaux, @jaimievanhejen and @morprime for spending like an entire day with us in our really cozy little guesthouse. The vibes were just too good and we were amazed how you kicked our little arty project off with your dope creativity!