The concept of MBCY

MBCY was established as Uebervart in 2007. A team of creative individuals around the founder Daniel Steindorf, with a heart for premium quality menswear products and innovative design, grew to define the store and culture. Until today we are preserving the distinct character of Uebervart - now MBCY - through paying deep respect for the past, present and future of menswear.

Selected designers, limited edition sneakers and accessories with a special story define our assortment. We have always looked beyond the horizon to provide the customer with a unique shopping experience both in-store and online. To create worlds, to surprise the customer, to understand retail as such, especially during the digital developments, was and is our goal.

This being said, we want to offer our customers a well curated brand mixture influenced by culture and not only through the current trends of fashion. Go ahead and check out the MBCY brand overview below.